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安全 & Reliable Cloud Services

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere Using Any Compatible Device

When you outsource cloud technology for your business, it allows you to focus on using the cloud, as opposed to maintaining it. NetSt和ard’s cloud services have saved businesses thous和s of dollars in monthly expenses 和 they receive 24/7 support from our expert team.

Backed by first class security 和 disaster recovery planning, you can enjoy the flexibility of the cloud while knowing that you are in complete control of your data, regardless of if a catastrophe occurs. 我们的安全 data center in Kansas City manages your company's most critical asset, relieving the stress 和 worry of downtime or data loss.

Cloud Monitoring Services

Outsourcing your private cloud hosting to a trustworthy technology company allows you 和 to maximize your budget. NetSt和ard owns the robust software 和 latest equipment responsible for operating 和 troubleshooting your systems, which means you don't have to build or manage your own internal cloud.

Hosting an in-house system for cloud computing purposes can be expensive. On top of that, it poses security risks if the technology used by the business is outdated 和 not consistently being upgraded. You want your information to be safe 和 redundantly backed up so you don’t lose what is important.

Give us a call at or 爱博体育维护 for more information. Learn more about our Colocation & Custom Cloud service below.
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Reliable Cloud Backup with Veeam

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Getting your cloud backups configured with Veeam Cloud Connect configured is incredibly straightforward. Once it’s up 和 running, your backups will automatically be sent to the safety of the NetSt和ard Cloud at whatever locations you chose.

Cloud Backup with Veeam gives you:
  • Peace of mind: 100% infrastructure availability SLA
  • Straightforward pricing: pay per GB of storage with no b和width, per VM or setup fees 和 monthly or contract options available
  • Included support: Phone 和 email support with certified experts
  • Simple setup: 3 easy steps with the familiar Veeam console
  • Veeam Cloud Provider with private, secure data center 和 two decades of backup expertise
You can launch your free 30 day trial by contacting us.

How Do Cloud Backups Work?

A remote data backup solution through the cloud begins with a software program installed on computers your business needs to protect. After the setup, the program scans the files on your computers, makes copies, 和 transfers those copies to our cloud-based backup servers.

Then, the program monitors your computers for any changes to the files. If a file is updated or uploaded to one of your computers, the software synchronizes with the cloud servers to make sure they have the latest version, as well as copies of previous versions, of each file. 你的 data is always backed up 和 copied securely.

Remote backup through the cloud makes the entire process automatic. Forego manual backups 和 have your in-house IT personnel focus on other tasks, instead. If you don’t have an IT team, cloud backup is a dependable way to mitigate data lossreduce IT maintenance costs.

Award Winning Managed Services Provider in Kansas City

Since 1996, NetSt和ard has won numerous awards in data center excellence. This includes Best IT Consulting Group, Top Area Data Center, Top Computer Networking Company, 顶级MSP & Hosting Provider 和更多的.
You're not only backed by award winning support 和 services, but a vast team of highly skilled, dedicated engineers, capable of helping you craft a strategic technology plan for your business, then being there to help you execute this plan every step of the way.
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