Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery Services

From Kansas City's Trusted Data Management Firm

When a data disaster strikes your business, the best time to have data backup and recovery processes in place was yesterday. We believe that the best defense is a good offense. Our disaster recovery planning is designed to help you smoothly resume your IT functionality after a disruptive event.

After a disaster, your ability to recover data and continue business operations is only possible if you plan before the next event occurs. NetStandard works side-by-side with you in ensure you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our data security experts will monitor and manage your backups to ensure it’s running correctly and that your data is protected. When disaster strikes and puts your data at risk, your information will be saved.

Disaster recovery options include the basic recovery of data following an event of equipment destruction or malfunction. These services include:
  • Enterprise-class cloud backup platform designed to protect your entire business digital footprint (storage, servers, desktops and laptops on the LANs as well as remote tablets and smart phones)
  • Remote access to servers
  • Scale up or down to respond to seasonal fluctuations or growth
  • Hardware maintenance and support from an experienced service team
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support
NetStandard will protect your data against cyber attacks, power outages, equipment failure, fires, flood, loss of a key employee, tornadoes and more. Get more information on how we handle cloud backups here.

Want the best solutions for implementing a consistent data backup and recovery plan? Don't let data loss catch your business off guard again. Call us at or contact us today.
backup and disaster recovery in kansas city

Why Outsource Your Data Backup & Recovery?

Outsourcing your data backup and recovery solutions could be a huge cost benefit to your business. Having to face a data loss disaster on top of running the other day to day operations is not ideal for any business.

Our managed backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed for businesses with no infrastructure or workforce to execute quick data recovery. This allows you to recover critical business information in a matter of hours, keeping your operations up and running as if nothing happened.

With NetStandard, your data backup and disaster recovery are handled by specialists and not a generalist. Learn more about our Data Center below:

Award Winning Data Recovery Services

Since 1996, NetStandard has won numerous awards in data center excellence. This includes Best IT Consulting Group, Top Area Data Center, Top Computer Networking Company, Top MSP & Hosting Provider and more.
You're not only backed by award winning support and services, but a vast team of highly skilled, dedicated engineers, capable of helping you craft a strategic technology plan for your business, then being there to help you execute this plan every step of the way.
Call us today at or contact us to find out what NetStandard can do for you and your specific IT needs.
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